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‘The Magical World Of FLORIA’ - School Holidays Newest Attraction ( 27 May ~ 4 June 2016 )

Themed ‘The Magical World of Floria’, the Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2016 is set to serve up a new dimension to experience, mesmerizing visitors on an enchanted journey that transcends the imagination, when the curtains are drawn to uncover magical gardens and enchanted forests amidst mystical backdrops during the upcoming school holidays beginning 27 May to June 4 2016 at Anjung Floria, Precinct 4, Putrajaya.

Employing the latest state-of-the-art technologies from Europe, the Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2016 will incorporate captivating design concepts into the Magical World of FLORIA, featuring an amazing experience through the Magical Garden and Mystical Forest, Chrysanthemum Garden, Mermaid’s World and Candy Courtyard. These innovative technologies will excite all five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, touch and enliven emotions during life imitating odysseys via the hi-tech magic of “magic-mirroring” and 3D holographic displays.

For 2016, the region’s largest flower and garden festival aptly features the entrancing Chrysanthemum aka “Garden Mums” as the theme flower, which will be generously displayed amidst specially designed garden settings to indulge the visual palates of visitors.  The event this year will also feature new exhibit components to draw a larger crowd of visitors and foreign tourists.  These include the ‘Magic of Bonsai & Suiseki’, Terrarium ‘Tropical Magic in the Glass’ and the Musical Garden showcases.

The 9th Edition of the Royal FLORIA Flower and Garden Festival is organized by Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) with the support of the Ministry of Federal Territories, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Tourism Malaysia.  The festival is managed by PPj’s wholly owned subsidiary, Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd (PFSB).

During the occasion to commemorate the soft launch of Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2016, the Deputy Minister of Federal Territories, YB Dato’ Dr. Loga Bala Mohan said, ”FLORIA increases its level of professionalism and credibility when its hosted the Royal FLORIA International Dialogue (RFID) to act as a catalyst for an industry that caters to professional players in landscaping, flowers and floral design, horticulture, floriculture and other related fields.  Accordingly, RFID holds the potential to be the platform for the national flower and floral industry, becoming the center for cooperative linkages and networking, imports and exports, and research and development activities in all related industries.”

Participants at the dialogue must take the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain exposure to horticulture’s best practices as well to gain valuable insights from international horticulture and floriculture experts.
Royal FLORIA Putrajaya has won the attention and attracted record visitors every year with the participation of international participants displaying their unique exhibits.  The festival this year has gained the participation of floral designers and landscape architects from China, Germany, Macau, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, who will display their expertise with their unique creations and designs.

Participants are set to display indoor and outdoor garden designs while providing visitors with better understanding of the creativity and expertise that are incorporated in the designs from both local and international design experts.  Apart from being fascinated by impressive indoor and outdoor garden designs, visitors will get the opportunity to absorb the creativity and expertise of local and international landscape designers as displayed in the outdoor garden designs from various government agencies, corporate bodies, private sector, associations, universities, secondary and primary schools.  Ecuador and Korea are also expected to display flowers that are unique attractions in their respective home countries with their participation at the Embassy Row.

As in previous FLORIAs, this edition of the festival will witness several awards up for grab.  The awards include the Royal FLORIA Putrajaya International Cup for winning designs among international participants at the Floral Pavilion, the Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Garden Cup for the overall winner of the outdoor display in the Garden Design competition and a new category, Gardens of Malaysia that offers a cash award of RM5,000.00 to the winner.

Other attractions in the pipeline at FLORIA Diraja Putrajaya 2016 are Chrysanthemum Garden, Royal Garden, Designer Garden, Tea Party Garden, Cat Pavilion, Floral Pavilion as well as Garden Bazaar and Horticulture Market which will be selling gardening needs and accessories and plants which include ornamental plants, herbs and spices, fruiting plants, potted plants, garden furniture, garden tools, biotechnology products and landscaping services.

The Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2016 will also feature more than 300 daily activities throughout its nine-day festival.  These activities include floral design demonstrations, gardening workshops, entertainment and variety shows, photography competition, water-coloring competition and arts and crafts exhibition.

FLORIA Flavours is again expected be a major crowd attraction as a center offering a wide variety of food selections under one roof.  While FLORIA Flavors will accommodate 36 stalls located in a more congenial location, the attraction is also expected to feature 20 food trucks serving up a wide variety of scrumptious food and flavorful drinks to visitors.

FLORIA Arts & Crafts, another well patronized component of Royal FLORIA, is also slotted to attract visitors looking to feast their senses on cultural shows, handicrafts demonstration and while there, bring back unique and quality handicrafts souvenirs.  At FLORIA Arts and Crafts, there are expected to features 92 arts and handicraft entrepreneurs offering products inspired from plant origins, landscaping and the natural environment.

To facilitate the large crowd expected to throng the festival, tickets counters will open two days prior to the opening of Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2016, on 25 May 2016 from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.  Accordingly, visitors can purchase tickets online via the website: of FOF (Friends of FLORIA) will be given a complimentary privilege to visit Royal FLORIA one day prior to opening to the public.

Royal FLORIA Putrajaya will be open to the public from May 27th to June 4th, 2016 from 9:00 am - 10:30 pm (Monday to Thursday) and from 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight (Friday to Sunday).
Tickets are priced as detailed below:

MyKad Non-MyKad Magical Gardens
Adult RM7.50    RM22.00        RM10.50
Children RM3.50    RM11.00        RM  5.50
Senior Citizens, OKU
*Price includes 6% GST
For more information, please visit the website:   
-Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd

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