Thursday, January 28, 2016

Zulfahmi Pledges To Work Harder On Physical Fitness

SEPANG, 28 January 2016 – Muhammad Zulfahmi Khairuddin, Malaysia’s first ever Supersport World Championship rider, has acknowledged the need for extra work to improve, following the completion of a two-day test in Jerez.
 Zulfahmi, who rides for Orelac Racing, noted that he would need to work harder on  his strength and fitness in view of the heavier Supersport machine as compared to  his previous Moto3 bikes. He has nevertheless expressed delight with his first ever  test session on the Kawasaki ZX6R machine.
 “I clearly need to work on my physical fitness and strength because of the weight of  the bike. It is much heavier and I could feel the impact after seven laps. I will  continue to work on my physical fitness when I return to Malaysia, so that I will be  more ready at the second test in Australia,” Zulfahmi said.
 “Overall, I am happy with the two-day tests. We had some problems with the bike on  Day 1 and we could not do as many laps as we wanted. Day 2 was better and we  managed to do more laps. There is still plenty that we need to work on to improve, in  terms of the bike as well as my riding style. We can only get better from here,” he  added.
 “I am very happy with the team and we have been working very well together. The  team crew has a lot of experience in Supersports and I am very keen to learn from  them. My lap time has continued to improve with every lap. We are still about two  seconds behind the fastest rider, but it is early days for me and the team is very  happy with my progress. We are confident that we can go much faster with more  tests and more time on the bike,” Zulfahmi shared.
Zulfahmi is partnering Nacho Calero in the Orelac Racing Team, which participated in the World Supersport Championship and the EU Superstock last year. The Spanish-based team is owned by Jose Calero and managed by Giulio Bardi. Based in Algemesi near Valencia in Spain, the team is driven by the brilliance of crew chief Toni Alfonsea with Andy Machin as Zulfahmi’s chief mechanic, while Nacho has Luis Gallego as his chief mechanic. 
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