Tuesday, 29 March 2016

'Hogoh Pahang' Slogan For Visit Pahang Year 2017

KUANTAN, March 29 (Bernama) -- Pahang will be using a local dialect slogan, 'Hogoh Pahang' for Visit Pahang Year 2017 to promote its unique local culture to tourists.

Tourism and Culture Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Ong Hong Peng said the slogan itself, which roughly translated in English means "Pahang Rocks", was very unique.

"The slang word 'hogoh' means to make a big impact. It is very catchy, unique and captures the spirit to showcase Pahang's culture to tourists.

"The word 'Ho' in the slogan itself means good, ok and agreeable in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect). So it indirectly carries the message Pahang is good," he said.

Ong said this at a luncheon with local pressmen which was organised by state Tourism and Culture Committee chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin.

He added that he hoped other states would follow in Pahang's footsteps in coming up with similar catchy slogans.


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