Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kampung Dew Fireflies A Tourist Magnet

TAIPING, Feb 9 (Bernama) -- Located 100km from here, Kampung Dew is often the focus of local and foreign tourists keen to experience the nocturnal flickerings of thousands of lights from fireflies.

The fireflies, scientifically known as "Pteroptyx tener", simultaneously emit a green light via their abdomens three times a second.

Kampung Dew Firefly Eco-Tourism Association secretary Shukor Ishak said visitors who wanted to see the fireflies must take a boat from a jetty at the village and cruise on Sungai Sepetang for a 40-minute return trip.

"The best time to see the fireflies is from 7.30 pm until late midnight except when it rains," he told Bernama.

According to Shukor, the association, which has been operating since 2000, received 12,000 tourists last year both local and foreign including from Taiwan, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Europe.

"The peak period is on weekends. At one time, 1,800 tourists came here within a month, to see the fireflies," he said.

According to Shukor, 10 boats, which could carry three to 10 people each at one time, were available at the jetty.

"In addition to the boat operators, tourist guides are also provided to brief the visitors on the fireflies. Domestic tourists have to fork out RM25 per head for the trip while others have to pay RM30," he added.


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