Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Laura Fygi 25th Anniversary Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur ( 12 september 2015 )

Dutch Jazz diva Laura Fygi will be celebrating her 25th year as a solo artiste with a concert in Kuala Lumpur at the KLCC, Plenary Hall on Saturday 12 September 2015 at 8pm.

Presented by BVG Entertainment, the “Laura Fygi 25th Anniversary Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur” will feature popular hits such as Bewitched, Baby Come To Me, Cheek To Cheek, You Do Something To Me and Night And Day, a journey of songs and music through 25 years.

Everywhere that Laura Fygi visits, she is a veritable vision of exotica. In her home country of the Netherlands, they know her as the woman who was raised in Uruguay as the daughter of an Egyptian belly dancer; in the Far East she is the emancipated Western lady who many others aspire to be. But wherever she may be, there’s one common factor in all of those locations: that instantly recognizable voice which has won her hearts all over the globe.

The Former member of the disco girl group Centerfold who began a solo career in 1991, Fygi has released 13 albums, most of them jazz. She has performed throughout Europe, South America and Asia, and has been presented with various gold and platinum discs and awards. Five years ago, she fulfilled her musical desire of recording The Best Is Yet To Come, with the accompaniment of a big band. The album was a collaboration with her two favourite musicians ‐ Jan Menu and Johan Plomp.

What is the secret of her success? It is the combination of a number of things. First of all she has a husky voice with a beautiful diction and great timing, which has already been compared to that of Peggy Lee, and the intimacy of Julie London. She has an international appearance which enables her to perform in Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho with the same ease as on the biggest stages in most of the world cities. She looks beautiful and is as Latin as Jazzy. But the most important thing, Laura is a storyteller, someone who knows how to turn a song into a story that touches you directly from her heart to yours. While it still swings like crazy!

Get your tickets from:
1. Online at www.AirAsiaRedtix.com
2. Rock Corner outlets:The Gardens, Mid Valley (TEL: 03 - 2201 4893)
Subang Parade (TEL: 03 - 5613 1139)
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3. Victoria Music outlets:Sg Wang(TEL: 03 - 2148 7208)
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4. Penang outlets:Artist Gallery, Gurney Plaza
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