Sunday, 16 June 2019

October opening for eco park

THE Sungai Besi Eco Park (TERSB), said to be the next destination for recreational and tourism activities in Klang Valley, is scheduled to open in October.

Located within the Sungai Besi Forest Reserve, it is 70% completed, with development focus now on an arboretum which will be planted with native fruits, herbs and orchids, and which will serve as a learning centre.

“TERSB is a lowland dipterocarp forest that has continued to exist in a concrete jungle. It still holds importance for its biological diversity and for continuing to support a variety of flora and fauna,” Federal Territory Forestry director Mohd Hafiz Hamzah said.

He said academics and students would be able to use the facility for forest research because it had a collection of flora that was unique but under threat.
Hafiz added that the construction of an entry road, parking lot, public toilets and other facilities were in progress.

There are currently 117 eco parks in the country managed by the Forestry Department.
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