Saturday, November 19, 2016

Corporate travel up despite rise in travel risk perception

A study conducted by medical and security specialists International SOS and Control Risks indicated that 72 per cent of over 1,000 corporate travel decision-makers perceive travel risk to have increased this year.

Despite the rise in perceived risk in travel, 44 per cent reported an increase in business travel activity in 2016 and more than 50 per cent expect further increase in 2017.

“Events of 2016 have resulted in a sense of increasing challenges in travel to places once thought secure. While risks are changing, organisations must ensure their actions to mitigate those changes are proportionate, and based on reality and not perception,” said Rob Walker, security specialist at International SOS and Control Risks.

“Issues like healthcare provision and road safety, which account for over 70 per cent of the assistance services we have provided in the past year, can often be obscured by more prominent, but less likely issues. With many organisations increasing their business travel activity, it is essential for decision-makers to be able to communicate that objective advice to their people, including in an actual crisis.”

The report further revealed that 80 per cent of organisations surveyed have modified their travel itineraries in the past year due to health and security concerns.

Meanwhile, 48 per cent of respondents state that their investment in travel risk mitigation has increased over the past year, and 47 per cent believe this will increase further in the coming year.

“Travellers are much less likely to encounter unexpected or avoidable problems if they plan ahead. Using objective advice to prepare travellers, and by staying up to date on any changes and how they might affect plans, will further reduce, both the likelihood of people experiencing problems, and the extent of the impact,” added Walker.

-TTG Asia.

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