Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Response to the Arrival of Bodies at Kharkiv by Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport - Tuesday, July 22, 08:49 PM GMT +0800

1. We are relieved that the train has safely arrived at Kharkiv about 11am local time.
2. This is an important milestone in relation to the MH17 tragedy.
3. Malaysia sent 18 DVI personnel to Kharkiv to assist in the tagging and transfer of bodies to the plane,  I have been briefed that the forensics team and relevant support teams will now have to undergo a process that will take a few hours prior to the remains being flown off to Amsterdam.
4. We still need to get to the truth of what has happened and we hope for the investigators to commence their work at the crash site to determine this.
5. Families are suffering across the world and once the remains are with the respective families, I am sure they will demand for justice to be served on those who have caused this horrific crime.

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