Sunday, May 11, 2014

Red Bull Air Race World Championship @ Putrajaya, Malaysia ( 17~18 May 2014 )

Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Racing at its highest level
Putrajaya, Malaysia | Saturday, May 17–Sunday, May 18, 2014
The Red Bull Air Race World Championship will be back in the skies with an exhilarating seven city, seven-race series in 2014. The world’s best pilots will battle in the air using the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes navigating 82-feet high pylons at breakneck speeds of up to 230 mph (370 km/h) while withstanding forces of up to 10G.
The pilots compete for points at each Red Bull Air Race and the one who accumulates the most at the end of the season is crowned Red Bull Air Race World Champion. This coming Red Bull Air Race is slated to be one of the most anticipated in recent times, after a 3-year hiatus that will witness skilled veterans and young upstarts going head-to-head for the coveted world championship.
For the first time ever, Malaysia will be hosting Southeast Asia’s most thrilling motor sports competition in the sky. The historic race will be held on May 17-18, 2014 (Saturday: Qualifying and the Challenger Cup, Sunday: Finals) in the majestic city of Putrajaya, where the race track for the aerial action will be happening at the heart of the city; the sprawling, scenic 600-hectare manmade Putrajaya Lake.
A ticket to the Race Club entitles you to a host of exclusive privileges, including plush comfortable seating, closed sound system, delicious food and beverages, and an all-access passage to The Village - a premier F&B area providing premium selection beverages. Located in the middle of the arena at Marina Putrajaya, it ensures fantastic views of the scenic lake with unobstructed, panoramic views of the exciting Red Bull Air Race. It’s the perfect place for an unforgettable experience of the race for co-partners, associates, aviation enthusiasts and VIPs alike.
Located near the Red Bull Air Race Airport, the covered Grandstand has undoubtedly one of the best views of the entire race. It comes with a special access pass to the hangar for the priceless behind-the-scenes experience of viewing the teams prepare for the race. A variety of food and beverage options are also available to satiate your appetite and quench your thirst. With a closed circuit viewing of the race, you’re guaranteed to not miss a second of the action.
Situated close to the stunning Seri Gemilang Bridge, Zone A allows for easy access to the race front and centre with an unobstructed view across the scenic Putrajaya Lake. Big screen TVs ensure you are up-to-date with the adrenaline-pumping action. You will also be able to visit the F&B Village that provides a variety of delicious F&B options.

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