Sunday, May 18, 2014

George Town Festival - Rhythmic Space A Pause For Breath @ MPPP Town Hall Penang ( 2~3 August 2014 )

A spine-tingling performance by a contemporary-classical Korean musical duo

With their name, [su:m], translating as "a rhythmic space, a pause for breath", it is clear to see that this Korean duo possess a profound understanding of the importance of timing and poise in music, especially in traditional Korean music. Sometimes a soft sigh, sometimes a gasp, and sometimes a silent holding of breath.

For [su:m], music is a way to express the essence of living and the duo has been telling stories in the language of music since it was formed in 2007. The two musicians, Ji Ha Park and Jungmin Seo, compose and perform their own compositions on traditional Korean instruments like the piri, saenghwang, yanggeum and gayageum, with the aim of exposing them to the pervasive dynamic influence of modern existence. Lyrical and reflective passages grow into flurrying swirls of sound, form insistent rhythmic patterns evoking the breathless pace of urban living, and return to the inner space to pause and breathe again.

숨[su:m] was selected "2010 MAP (Mullae Arts Plus) project for musicians", "New Artist Trend 2009 Supporting Project for Young Artists" by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and won the Contest '21st Century Korean Music Project' (Experimental Spirit Prize) hosted by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Their first album 'Rhythmic Space: A Pause for Breath' was released in November, 2010. 

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