Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tourism Malaysia To Promote Shopping Complexes In Malaysia To Attract Tourists

photo: SHOP Malaysia facebook
GEORGE TOWN, Dec 2 (Bernama) -- Tourism Malaysia will promote shopping complexes in Malaysia to Brunei, Vietnam and China to attract tourists to come and shop here.

Head of Shopping Malaysia secretariat (Domestic Promotion), Baizuri Baharum said the initiative followed a strong shopping trend among tourists over the past two years, since apart from accommodation, shopping accounted for the second highest expenditure.

"In October we launched a pilot project to promote shopping complexes in the country to Indonesia through road shows in hotels, shopping complexes and through travel agents in their country.

"The feedback we received was very encouraging and according to 15 shopping complexes, including KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Jakel and Bukit Jambul, the number of tourists shopping at their places had increased," she told reporters after launching a 1Malaysia Year End Sale at Plaza Gurney, here today.

She said about 20 shopping complexes were currently participating in the promotion and the number is expected to increase next year.

"Apart from promotions in Asian countries like Brunei, Vietnam and China, we also have plans to carry out such promotions in Australia and New Zealand," said Baizuri.

According to Baizuri, as of July this year, the amount spent by tourists for shopping had surpassed the amount spent for accommodation and the ministry remains confident of achieving the RM22.7 billion target.

"From the RM33.8 billion revenue recorded by the Tourism sector in the mid-year, spending for shopping was 29.6 percent or RM10 billion. Our target for 2015 is RM22.7 billion or RM1,016 for every tourist. As of June, we have been able to achieve 50 percent of the target," she said.


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