Friday, 25 January 2019

Zamani - Bikin Gempak Hard Rock Café Tour @ Singapore ( 9 March 2019 ), Melaka ( 16 March 2019 ) & Kuala Lumpur ( 23 March 2019 )

ZAMANI also known as Zamani Slam is a popular male singer in Malaysia. He started his singing career through the famous 1990s pop group, Slam from 1993 to 1999.

He then launched a solo music career in 2002 and is now one of the best singers in Malaysia and Indonesia as well as regional countries. His powerful and unique vocals has gained him fans from all ages until he was placed on a par with the best vocalists in the country.

Syair Si Pari-Pari (2002)
Kala Hujan (2004)
Terima Kasih (2010)

Isabella '98 – with Jamal Abdillah, Amy and Saleem
Syair Si Pari-Pari (2002)
Kala Hujan (2004)
Tak Keruan (2010) – with Sharifah Zarina
Cahaya Asmara (2015)
Tambatan Hati (2016

ZAMANI will be performing in Hard Rock Café Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Singapore in March 2019 as part of the Bikin Gempak Hard Rock Café Tour 2019.
-AirAsia RedTix.

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