Sunday, July 2, 2017

Johor Bahru Classical Music Festival 2017 - Sans Frontières ( 27 ~ 29 July 2017 )

Sans Frontières
Mireia Frutos Fernandez and Ivan Torres of Spain join Sayaka Ohira of Japan and Benjamin Fabre of France in a not-to-be-missed collaboration that brings together a delightful melting pot of cultures and influences to highlight composers from their respective homelands to showcase music at its most universal across languages, nationalities, and cultures.
Presented by:
Mireia Frutos Fernandez, Piano
Sayaka Ohira, Violin
Benjamin Fabre, Viola
Ivan Torres, Cello
Kako             Waltz in the Evening Glow 
Chausson     Piano Quartet in A Major, Op. 30 (Simple et sans hate) 
Kako             Is Paris Burning 
Turina           Piano Quartet in A Minor, Op. 67 
Fauré          Piano Quartet No. 1, in C minor, Op. 15

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