Saturday, January 28, 2017

Temple enters book of records with giant artworks

PETALING JAYA: The iconic Thean Hou temple has entered the Malaysia Book of Records after unveiling three giant artworks in its vicinity on Chinese New Year’s eve.

The temple committee from the Selangor and Federal Territory Hainan Association set up the biggest 3D Metal Rooster Paper-Cutting Artwork, the biggest 3D Solar Terms metal panel Paper-Cutting Artwork and the biggest Chinese Chess Set replica.
The installations were part of the temple’s Chinese New Year celebration.
According to a statement from the temple, the Paper-Cutting Artwork, entirely made of metal, features the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art as its main theme.
It was inspired by the Chinese traditional calendar and aims to highlight the need to respect the natural laws while advocating ancient Chinese folk culture.
The giant metal rooster paper-cutting artwork is equipped with a motor system that allows it to rotate 360°.
The rooster is lantern-lit, to signify a bright future and as a guide for the new lunar year.
The Chinese Chess Set replica was built to portray the pattern of the chessboard game which resembles the ancient Chinese dynasties of Chu and Han.
Association president Dr C.Y. Tang said the Thean Hou temple was not just a place of worship but also a centre to promote Chinese culture and tradition.
“It has become a major attraction for international and local tourists especially during the Chinese New Year.
“We also organise various programmes to highlight and promote the Chinese culture every year,” he said in his speech text for the unveiling ceremony.
Dr Tang said about 80,000 visitors would visit the temple during each Chinese New Year period.
“To further promote tourism, we hope to be able to continue developing the second phase plan behind our temple,” he said.
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