Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Compulsory Membership Is Good For The Industry: MATTA

Kuala Lumpur (2010-06-16) MALAYSIAN Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) wants to maintain the status quo on compulsory membership for members in order for them to obtain and renew their annual licenses. MATTA president Mohd Khalid Harun said compulsory membership had proven to be workable and beneficial to the industry. “With MATTA monitoring its members, the Tourism Ministry can rely on us to regulate the travel and tour industry. The ministry has to think hard before it decides to undo this structure that it had created in 2000.”

He said the call for non-compulsory membership was made by a few individuals and it did not represent the intentions of the majority of MATTA members. There was also no discontent among the majority of members. Mohd Khalid was commenting on the joint memorandums sent to the tourism ministry by the captains of five travel agencies last month and in August last year. The five associations were Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association, Malaysian Indian Travel and Tour Association, Car Rental Association of Malaysia, Bumitra Malaysia and Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association. Mohd Khalid called on these associations to approach MATTA for a dialogue.
-TTG Asia.

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  1. MATTA should look into giving special discount or 50% discount for members that registered in other associations. This will leesen their fees burden and it will support both associations that they are registered.