Tuesday, 23 April 2019

MyCity 1-Day, 3-Day Passes For Prasarana’s Rail, BRT Travels

Using the cashless system travel cards such as Touch ‘n Go, and designed for the convenience of travelers and non-regular passengers in the city, the 1-day pass is priced at RM15 while the 3-day pass is priced at RM45, Prasarana’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Encik Muhammad Nizam Alias said in a statement here today.

“Basically, if you don’t already have the cashless travel card, you would need to spare an additional RM10 in which RM5 is the cost of the card and RM5 is necessary as the minimum value in the purse. Therefore, you would need RM25 to purchase the 1-day pass and RM 55 to purchase the 3-day pass respectively. However, if you already have the cashless travel card, you would only need to pay RM15 for the 1-day pass and RM45 for 3-day pass,” he added. 

Encik Muhammad Nizam said Prasarana has decided to introduce the special 1-day and 3-day passes in response to requests from the customers especially from international travelers and customers outside Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

“Our regular customers have the privilege of unlimited travel with the use of the My100 pass for 30-day unlimited travels on our rail and BRT networks. On the other hand, these new passes provide immense convenience to non-Malaysians and non-regular users to travel unlimitedly within a short period of time.

“This initiative is also part of our contribution to Malaysia’s tourism industry as traveling on our integrated rail and BRT network will allow you to extensively cover Klang Valley and Selangor, which is blessed with plenty of places of interests, food paradise and shopping outlets,” Encik Muhammad Nizam added.

Available for purchases at all LRT, Monorail, MRT and BRT stations, customers must ensure that their cashless travel cards have a minimum RM5 purse value to facilitate their movements through the ticketing gates.

“At the moment, the package does not cover services on Rapid KL buses and the MRT feeder buses. Naturally, we will work on incorporating them as well in the future,” added Encik Muhammad Nizam.

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