Monday, January 2, 2017

Bubu waiting to greet travellers during Visit Sibu Year

Welcoming croc: Bubu (right) dancing with children at an event.

SIBU: Sibu, the land of kampua mee, wants you to come and meet Bubu.
Bubu, the official mascot for Visit Sibu Year, is inspired by the crocodile Bujang Sibu.
The organisers are hoping that backpackers and travellers with a sense of adventure will explore the many longhouses upriver, among others.
With the theme “Sibu – the Heartland of Borneo”, this mainly Foochow town is hoping to captivate more tourists this year.
“This will put Sibu on the tourism map. The economic spin-off of the event will exert a multiplying effect. A number of economic activities will bring benefits to the people, not just to Sibu Municipal Council and businessmen alone,” said Second State Finance Minister Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh.
“During this economic uncertainty, travellers from countries with stronger currencies will visit places with weaker currencies. So, we have to seize this opportunity,” he added.
Visit Sibu Year 2017 kicked off during the New Year countdown on Saturday.
Some of the activities being planned include the World Da Bo Gong Festival (May 12-14), Sibu Street Art Festival (June 9-17), Borneo Cultural Festival (July 20-29), Borneo International Martial Art Festival (July 21-24), Sibu Marathon (Sept 16), Sibu BASE Jump (Sept 21-24), Sibu Lantern & Food Festivals (Oct 3-26), and a cruise along the mighty Rajang River (Nov 10-11).
While the Rajang River is not known for its man-eating crocodiles, travellers can expect to be greeted by Bubu while in town.
To have a glimpse of what’s in store, the organisers have prepared a promotional video on YouTube/Visit Sibu Year 2017.
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