Thursday, March 5, 2015

DRIVE M7 SIC Racing Team Conclude Successful Test at Sepang

Malaysia – Thursday 5th March
Circuit: Sepang International Circuit
Circuit Length: 5.543 km
Today the DRIVE M7 SIC Racing Team concluded their testing program at Sepang International Circuit.
Having used their time at the Circuit to focus on finding a good base setting and adapting to their new 2015 KTM Moto3 machines, riders Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Jakub Kornfeil completed their seven day test feeling happy with what they had achieved.
The team will now return to Europe where they will prepare for the final test at Jerez de la Frontera in twelve days’ time.
Johan Stigefelt – Team Manager
“It’s our final day here in Sepang and we’ve had good conditions once again. We still had a couple of things we wanted to try today but we’ve basically done everything that we came here to do. Jakub improved again his lap time on the race tyres, which we were very happy about. The pace he’s been running with those tyres is very good. He’s feeling confident and is happy with the feeling he has on the bike.
Similar with Fahmi we tried a couple of things with his set-up and he also improved his lap time. He’s a lot more comfortable with the bike and he said he is ready for Jerez. I think the whole team are prepared now and feeling positive about the final test. Of course it’s a track with different conditions to here but I think we’ve made a good base for both bikes that we can take with us to Jerez. Again I must thank Sepang International Circuit [SIC] and all of our sponsors and partners supporting us. It’s been a very positive three weeks for us here and we can’t wait for the next test and the season to start.”
#63 Zulfahmi Khairuddin
“I’m happy to have had another opportunity to ride my bike again today. We were able to improve the set-up more and it felt really good. We were immediately faster when we put in new tyres and much quicker than our previous test day. I think now we are ready to go to Jerez; we have a good base set-up and I’m feeling confident on the bike. I’m feeling positive and I look forward to heading to Spain to see what else we can achieve in the final test. I have a good crew around me and I must thank them for their hard work over the past few weeks. We have come a long way since the first day and I’m very happy about this.”
#84 Jakub Kornfeil 
“Throughout this test we have been working very hard and have achieved a lot. Today was just the day for final checks and to make sure everything was OK with the set-up we had. We were just riding and making some laps but then we had an idea and so we tried another setting with the rear of the bike. This helped to further improve my KTM, so I asked to try it with a new tyre to see if I could make some fast laps. I ended up doing my fastest lap time so far, which was very good. We didn’t expect this because this last test day was not the day for making the perfect lap time, but we did. I’m very happy about this and I want to say a big thank you to my mechanics and especially my Crew Chief who had this idea and set up my bike very well. Finally I did this best lap time and still only using a medium tyre, so this means with the soft tyre we can go even faster. It’s great to finish like this; we are so happy, everybody is smiling and feeling positive about the next test at Jerez. I believe we have a very good bike and a good opportunity to make great results.”
-SIC Racing Team facebook.

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