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Traffic Management Information during the KL City Grand Prix ( 7 to 9 August 2015 )

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) and GT Global Race (M) Sdn Bhd are hosting the inaugural KL City Grand Prix from the 7th till 9th August 2015. The KL City Grand Prix is similar to other world famous motor street races which takes place in Monaco, Macau and Singapore. Residents in Kuala Lumpur and visitors to Kuala Lumpur will now have an opportunity to witness a world class motor sports event, without having to travel to faraway places.
To date, since December 2014, DBKL has organised several engagements with various stakeholders, especially businesses and premises on the track. However as not all stakeholders were able to be present at these engagements, we direct this statement to all stakeholders of KL City Grand Prix.
The race circuit will begin in front of Suria KLCC in front of the Petronas Towers and proceed anti clockwise around the 3.2km circuit through Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan Perak before heading back up Jalan P Ramlee to complete the circuit.
This event is being staged in compliance with the safety guidelines set down by the Federation Internationale De l’Automobile (FIA) that governs world motor sport. Through this approach DBKL along with the promoters GT Global Race (M) Sdn Bhd, are committed to ensuring that there will be no compromises when it comes to the safety of drivers, crew and members of the public attending the event.
Laying and dismantling of a temporary FIA compliant street circuit
In order to build a safe and a FIA compliant city street circuit, a significant amount of temporary infrastructure is being brought into KL streets for the laying of a FIA approved race track. Works includes the placement of concrete barriers and guardrails and the fitting of special debris fences which are key elements of the safety system.
These works will generally be carried out overnight and infrastructure placed in a way that avoids or minimises disruption to the day to day traffic and general access and operation of our city. As barriers are installed, gaps will be left for vehicle access to all properties and footpaths will remain open. As the event gets very near these access points will have gates or similar infrastructure installed, that enables them to be closed at the last moment before racing commences.
During this period, up until the week of the race, and during the period to dismantle following the race, access to all properties in and around the circuit should not be affected any more than what is currently experienced for normal construction that takes place regularly on Kuala Lumpur roads for building construction and road upgrading
During the 2015 KL City Grand Prix on 7th to 9th August
During the KL City Grand Prix, certain sections of 5 roads (i.e. Jalan P Ramlee, Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan Perak) that make up the race track need to be closed for traffic during race time i.e. from 6 am till 6 pm on the following days:
Friday 7 August
Saturday 8 August
Sunday 9 August
During these 3 days, from 6 am onwards, contractors will commence closing the affected roads and progressively closing gates and access to properties on these roads. By 7.30am all public and non-race vehicles will be cleared from the track, and the roads will not be available for use by the general public. This is an important part of the safety protocol for racing.
As roads are closed, alternative routes for vehicle to access each and every property within and around the circuit will be established through temporary traffic management. Some of these will be quite creative, to ensure that access of some type is maintained, and may limit the type of vehicle and volume of traffic that can gain efficient access.
DBKL and GT Global Race (M) Sdn Bhd, are committed to provide the highest level of advanced notices on the above plans and are currently finalising a Traffic Management Plan in consultation with DBKL Traffic Department and the Kuala Lumpur Traffic Police for the specific measures that will be put in place.
Following this process, in the coming weeks, each property on the track will be provided with a draft access plan, in brochure form, so that everyone has clarity on the traffic arrangements during the event in their particular circumstance. In the case of businesses, and in particular hotels, these brochures will be provided in quantities and soft copy for distribution to staff, suppliers and customers.
Once the racing for the day is over, part of the track will be reopened to traffic overnight from 6pm until 6am, and the process of closure and opening will be repeated the following day. Roads planned for overnight access include:
Jalan Ampang between Jalan P Ramlee and Jalan Sultan Ismail
Jalan Sultan Ismail between Jalan Ampang and Jalan Raja Chulan including access onto Jalan Sultan Ismail from Jalan P Ramlee from the western side (right/left turn only)
Jalan Raja Chulan between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Perak
Due to infrastructure placed on the road, the north east part of the track will be subject to limited overnight access including taxis, emergency services, property owners, business operators, residents and suppliers. These roads include:
Jalan Perak from Jalan Raja Chulan to Jalan P Ramlee
Jalan P Ramlee from Jalan Perak to Jalan Ampang
Please note that the short section of Jalan P Ramlee between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Perak will close at 7pm on Thursday 6 August and will remain closed until 5am Monday 10 August.
Keeping KL moving
Although traffic and access plans have been focussed on minimising disruption as the highest priority, it is inevitable that during the later stages of preparation and during the event, KL will be a very busy place. With more than 100,000 people expected at the race, and all the other things going on around our city, we will be actively encouraging people to leave their cars at home or park and ride and use our public transport system. With two LRT stations (KLCC and Dang Wangi) and two monorail stations (Bukit Nanas and Raja Chulan) located on the doorstep of the event, there is a great opportunity for people to avoid traffic jams and arrive efficiently to the properties on the circuit.
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